Dynamic QR Codes

Edit the destination website of your QR code without reprinting it. Track the number of scans with a usage report.


One QR Code To Rule Them All

Create a single QR code and update the web address when your needs change. Environmentally friendly; no need to reprint signage, menus, stickers, business cards.


Redirect your QR code to any website as needed, update as many times as you like without regenerating your QR code.

Usage Statistics

Track how many times your QR code has been scanned and which days it was most popular.

Unlimited QR Codes

You'll probably only ever need one, but you can create as many QR codes as you need.

Anonymous / Private

Privacy is important to us, we don't track your users. While you can view how many times your QR code is scanned we do not collect any demographic information.

Free, Gratis And For Nothing

This service is free, but please consider a donation...

Dynamic QR Code Uses

Hospitality Image

Use a QR code in your pub, restaurant, bar or coffee shop

Point your QR code to
  • Menus
  • Specials
  • Service Offerings
  • Ordering Systems
  • Contact Tracing
Retail Image

Display a QR code in your shop front to attract online sales

Drive online sales to
  • eBay
  • Etsy
  • Shopify
  • Any Online Store
  • Your Website
Socail Media Image
Social Media

Gain followers with a QR code to your social media account

Link to Social Media accounts
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • TikTok
  • Link Tree

Frequently Asked Questions

A dynamic QR code is a QR code that has a redirection URL encoded into it. This enables you to edit the web address of the QR code after the QR code has been created. Think of it like a QR code forwarding service.

Dynamic QR codes greatly extend the useful life of a single QR code because once the QR code has been published, the user destination can be changed at will without it having to be replaced with a new QR code image every time the destination changes.

If you want the flexibility to change what your QR code does then a dynamic QR code is for you. For example set it up to go to your Instagram today or edit it to direct to your Facebook page tomorrow, all without having to regenerate and re-print a new QR code.

With usage statistics you are able to track how often and on which days your QR code was scanned.

A dynamic QR code is ideal for printed material. With a static QR code you would need to reproduce/reprint your material with the QR code on it every time you wanted to change the QR code action.

Here are some examples:

  • Website menus in restaurants, pubs and bars – change the menu link without reprinting your physical menus or signage. With metrics you can see how busy your establishment is based on the number of scans.

  • Social media – change your social media accounts on the fly (e.g: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok etc…)

  • Stickers – promotional material can be redirected to your latest campaign.

  • Posters – change the website on your posters without changing your posters.

  • Signage – signage is expensive, use a dynamic QR code to update where your QR code forwards to.

  • Business Cards – update your LinkedIn profile address or Link Tree without the need to reprint business cards.

  • Virtual Business Cards – go contactless with a QR code, update the link to your LinkedIn profile or professional website as required.

  • Contactless Visitor Registration – provide a dynamic QR code that directs your customers or visitors to a Google form to leave their contact details.

You will be able to see how many times per day your QR code is scanned. Privacy is important to us and it should be to you. We don’t track any demographic information as part of a QR scan, we only log the date and time against your QR code.

Pretty much anywhere on the internet. Enter the web address when creating your QR code and you’re done. Change it if you change your mind, it’s that simple.

There is no limit to the number of QR codes you can create. If your business or organisation has multiple locations, you can generate a QR code for each that directs to a unique web address.

No. Each QR code is unique and once it’s deleted its unique identifier is gone forever.